Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Urban Dwellers

Urban Dwellers
12" x 12"

I love this little quilt! I have made a small series, some with the little people, 1BdrmApt, Full House, No Vacancy, and 9 Houses. I hoped that they would sell in Houston, and they DID! In fact one sold before Houston, so I made another to take it's place. Then those 3 sold the opening night of the Houston Quilt Show. I was jaw-dropping-shocked-happy-elated!

I thought I might make a few more, hoping to sell them during the holiday season. I only got this one made. The other three are still sitting in a pile. I have been distracted a few big art pieces I am working on....ah hem....back to our story. It sold before I got to post about it! WOW EEEE! To a dear friend who came to visit.

While watching An American in Paris this week, Gene Kelly, playing an artist, talks about how hard it is for an artist to part with his works. I wholeheartedly agree. It is hard to pour so much of yourself, so many hours into a work and then let it go. It is entirely comforting and rewarding when the piece goes to a good home, as I now know that mine has gone. Peace and blessings!
Close up Urban Dwellers, inhabitants climbing up to the roof

Close up of Urban Dwellers,  showing the people tucked inside the pockets


Unknown said...

Congrats to you, you quilt-selling thang, you!! :D

Kathy York said...

thank you, thank you very much!

skye said...

Beautiful work (as always!) & I am so thrilled for you to be on such a roll! May 2012 exceed your wildest dreams!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

No one could be happier about it than me!!

rachel's said...

I love this series! Congratulations on the sales!

Frederique said...

I love it!