Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kittens Need a Home
This is Juno, hanging out for cuddle time in my son's arms. She is not a year old yet, but just had 5 babies. We found her with her kittens about 6 weeks ago. She is the most affectionate and adorable cat. She purrs a lot and has stolen our hearts! She does not like our 95 lb. Weimeramer though...

I am digressing from my quilts to show off Juno's kittens. I found them when the kittens were 10 days old. I still can't believe how cute kittens are!! They are our summer project, and boy have we learned a lot. I wish I could tell you which one is my favorite, but each time I pick one up, he or she becomes my new favorite. They are all wonderful! But it is time to find them some forever homes.

Pictured above are Pumpkin, Smokey, and Vanilla. They play non-stop, except when they sleep and eat. They are very entertaining! They are small for 8 weeks, but their Mom, Juno, is also small, weighing in at 6.5 pounds.

This is Pumpkin. He is the only kitten that can eat at the same plate as his Mom without being chased away. He is sweet, adorable, and likes to pounce on Garfield.

This one is Smokey. He is adventurous. The first kitten to eat crunchy food, the first to use the litter box, and the first to adventure out of the bathroom when we let the partition down. He fell asleep once in my son's lap.

This one is Vanilla, affectionately known as Vanilla Bean. He is so soft and cuddly, and purrs louder and more often than the other kitties. But don't let his sweet eyes fool ya! He can pounce the cat toys with more than adequate energy and attention!

This beautiful blue eyed wonder is Garfield. He is the biggest of the bunch. He is super sweet and loves to play. He usually watches the other kittens first before joining in to play. This is his favorite toy!

Last, but not least, our little Pepper. She is the smallest of the bunch, but that doesn't seem to deter her spirit. She was the first to learn to climb to the top of the scratching post and survey the landscape of the hallway outside the bathroom.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Juicy Fruit
19" x 19"
A bit of humor and rebellion. I took Pamela Allen's class, "Think Like an Artist" about a month ago. Our assignment was to make a still life, in black and white. Rebel that I am, I had to add some color, just couldn't stand it, not have any color at all....ugh! For the composition, I also wanted implied movement in the captured "still" frame. Hence, the orange, spontaneously filling the juice glass. I know it's a bit subtle (I think the squirting juice still needs to be more easily seen), but it cracks me up!
 Also, the only hand made batik, the black and white fabric for the orange, has a starring role. Congrats little orange! I used window screen fabric for the placemates, and colored threads to hold down the edges of the applique.