Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Houston Quilt Festival 2017

The Houston Quilt Festival 2017

Every year around this time, I love sharing with you, my lovely readers, the quilts that I will have in the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Unfortunately this year, neither of my entries for the judged show, The World of Beauty, were accepted.  I have been to the quilt show in Houston enough to know what kind of quilts get juried into the show, and I just didn't have any to enter.  At the last minute I decided to enter a few modern quilts I made last year, and those are the ones that were rejected.  It is difficult to get too worked up about this.  I actually really like my Houston rejects, so they get to stay home with me this year!

And while last year, I had almost 30 quilts in Houston, mostly because of my special exhibit, this year, I have a total of 2 quilts in special exhibits, both of which I feel very honored to be included.  One is in the Personal Iconography exhibit by Dinner@Eight, which I posted previously about here.  It is Floating in a Sea of Symbols.

The other is a quilt that has been gone a long time.  It premiered at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago last spring in the new judged show, A Celebration of Color, and will be a special exhibit in Houston.  It is Beach Colors, previously posted about here.

If you go to the Houston quilt show, I am convinced you will have a wonderful time! I will not be going this year, and I know I will miss the my friends, the quilts, and the experiences immensely!