Friday, February 19, 2010


Today Little Fish in a Big City gets another public outing (on-line) and I am being formally introduced at the Clothworks blog. It is an incredibly warm and welcoming introduction that is highly complementary....almost to the point of making me blush. But then I realized, "Yeah, I guess I really did do all those things!" Regardless of possible bias on my part, the blog entry this morning looks absolutely fantastic!! And, I had fun answering the interview questions!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Strike offs
They're here! The very first strike offs of my very first fabric line. I am so excited, I can't stand it! And, a month ago, I didn't even know what a strike off was. I love learning though. And, I'll probably get this wrong, but it has something to do with the first run, or the first print of your fabric designs. I'd really like to see it in action to fully understand how they take my idea and make fabric out of it. What to see some? Clothworks has posted my new line on their website (follow the link "meet the designers"), and the photos of the strike offs are on their blog.

You know how a new mom checks out her baby, counting the fingers and toes? That's what I was doing after the package arrived. I ripped it open, then lovingly searched through the entire contents laying each piece out on my bed, arranging the patterns together, rearranging different colors, then rearranging again. Oh yeah, let's not forget, checking my name on the selvage! It's all good!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cover Girl and Interview at Quilting Arts!

Whoo Hoo! My quilt Building UP is on the cover of The Professional Quilter! And their printer got the colors right! It looks fabulous and I am delighted! This organization promotes the business aspects of quilting and is full of wonderful ideas and opportunities. I joined last year and am happy that I did, it's great!

And, I am also delighted to share an interview with you over at Quilting Arts magazine with Helen Gregory. It's on her blog, click here! I am on the cover this month for Quilting Arts as well! Two in one month!!! I never, ever would of thought possible!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Color, color everywhere but ne'er a drop to drink.

I ripped up my carpet last weekend. It was old and stained and the motivator was big trash pick up week. I had been wanting to switch over to concrete floors for a long time as it would better fit for the casual lifestyle we lead. I was so fortunate to find Artisan Concrete to do the job and lucky that they were available. I absolutely LOVE the color of my floors! Aside from the horrendous mess and hard work of moving everything, it was totally worth it.

Isn't it amazing how well it goes with my painted wallpaper? And my art? And it looks totally fabulous with my art quilts!

I did not expect the sound to echo so loudly with the floors, so I had to invest in a few new area rugs, one from IKEA and one from Pottery Barn. And, as in all things remodeling, once you 'fix' one thing, the other stuff looks old and bad. I ended up repainting all my woodwork including the climbing wall, and buying new white drapes for the windows (which also required drape rods and an epic installation). All completely delightful in the end. I love my new room. It feels fresh and clean and relaxing!