Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hidden Messages, Part II

Hidden Messages, Part II
69" x 72"

Last time I posted about this quilt,
and I alluded to...eh...something else.  So today I will share it with you!

I appliqued a letter on the quilted background (with Mistyfuse, and invisible thread for the machine quilting), and then I hand appliqued a circle on top of each letter to cover it! Below is a process shot of some of the letters already covered. All the letters were hand cut with scissors.
Under normal lighting, you cannot see the letters, as the circles are opaque. However, when light shines through from the backside (for example, holding the quilt up to a brightly lit window), the fabric becomes transparent and you can see the letters!
So even if you cannot solve the color coded cipher, you could read what it says.  It reminds me of the expression, "light is the best disinfectant"; which is a version of George Washington's:
"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light"
Indeed, the perfect complement to the actual message hidden under the circles!
Also, I wanted to reveal the poem today by showing you a full shot of the quilt, brightly backlit, so that you can see all the letters.  Unfortunately, I am having a bear of a time trying to get that to happen.  I wish I had a giant light board to take a photo, but I do not.  I tried having two assistants hold the quilt up with the sun behind it, but that did not evenly light all the circles, and well, there was wind.  I am not giving up.  I welcome all suggestions.  And, perhaps I foolishly believe I will succeed in this endeavor!  Wish me luck!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Hidden Messages

Hidden Messages
69" x 72"
This is one of my latest finishes.  I love this quilt so much!  It looks so randomly modern.  However, it is not at all random.  I have color coded the circles with the alphabet and spelled out a poem.  I am so curious if anyone can actually decipher the code?

And, this is just one level of hidden messages contained within this quilt.  As an aside, I find it a fabulous metaphor for people too, that there is more than meets the eye.

Here is a closeup shot.  The white background is one piece of fabric.  I quilted it with the black grid lines first, and then quilted the horizontal light blue lines (reminds me of a hybrid between wide ruled paper and graph paper).  Then I hand appliqued the circles into place.

To make the circles, I cut out 4" circles of freezer paper (a LOT of them), ironed them to the fabric, then cut with scissors around the circles leaving approximately 1/4" to turn under.  I used the iron to press the edges under using the freezer paper as a guide.  I removed the freezer paper and then hand basted the turned edge.  Then they were ready to place onto the previously quilted surface and hand applique into place.  It was a huge amount of work, but I really enjoyed every step.  Except one.

When I finished I did not like the way the colors worked together.  It was hugely disappointing after so much work.  The original color palette looked fantastic when I first started, so I also found it a bit confusing.  But I knew it had to change or I would never like it.  So I ripped out the offending colors and found some new ones.  Here are the ones that did not make the cut.
And, I was so glad I did the extra work! It made all the difference, and now I am super happy with the overall look of the quilt.  Here it is hanging in my house.  I agree, it is hung too high for now, but....cats....  (ps. Sharky likes it too!)
Also, I have only shared about half of what this quilt has going on.  Stay tuned.  There are more hidden messages to be revealed!  :)