Friday, February 08, 2013

Playing with Window Blocks

Playing with Window Blocks

I made these lovely window motif blocks.  So much fun with the folding, dipping in hot wax, dyeing, etc....But then I wanted to do something with them.  The colors are just so appealing to me, and I wanted to make something for QuiltCon.  Here is one of the first layouts I made.  This one didn't get made into a quilt.  But, as it was hanging, it occurred to me, that I have had a big of a passion for this shape, and have already made a number of quilts with this motif.
The one on the floor was in the process of getting basted with it's batting and backing.  The one on the right was completed, and the one on the left wall was the final choice for these blocks.  It looks so pretty and simple and ...fresh.  At this stage it was just the quilt top though, also waiting to be quilted.  I just thought it might be fun to share some of the paths not taken.  Or maybe, not taken...Yet!

Of these three, I like the last one the best, and it was the one most similar to the final version.  Sometimes I upload photos of the blocks into photoshop and play with design and color.  And as much as I loved the simplicity of the black and white one, it doesn't emit the same emotional tone as the final version with the white background sashing, and orange 'pluses' in the sashing.

I planned to put different values of greys in all the intersections.

This one I wanted to duplicate the red plus in a vertical line, along with the yellow, and greys.

I had so much fun with these blocks, I decided to make some more and add some more color combinations.  Then I really didn't know what to do!  I tried the first two layouts, still undecided.  Then added a possibility of these circles from my fabric line, Urban Landscape.  Nope still not convinced.  Then I tried the next two...

I liked both of these, but ultimately was drawn to the blue again.  The asymmetry was lovely, but after I stitched it together, I am not sure about it again.  It is waiting to be quilted.  And I had some leftover blocks.  I threw these together randomly...
Ah ha!  This one is my favorite so far!  And, if you like it too, as I just put them in my Etsy Store (shop has been closed).  If no one wants them, I will keep them and make another little quilt.  It is just about the right size for a baby quilt!  Lovely!