Both Sides Now

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Oct 27-31, 2021



Artist statement:

Caterpillars: This is an exploration of the designs and patterns of caterpillars. Each of the four panels have unique qualities and yet share distinctive similarities with each other, a metaphor for family members.

Butterflies: I love the way the tops of the butterfly panels flow together in a continuous arc.  It is a metaphor for the differences in individuals and yet they all belong to the same family or community.  It is a feeling of belonging, like a safety net, or a protective arc, like an umbrella, helping us weather the storm.

Plenty to go Around/Scarcity

Artist statement:

Plenty to go Around: The front begins with a nod to traditional design and quilt making with whimsical fawns and fantasy flowers and birds swirling in circles around them like a 50's Disney movie. They have plenty to eat, but at what expense? 

Scarcity: The back side tells the opposing tale of fawns in a barren land separated from the flowers for survival by a giant barrier. A symbol of our own border, but it also hints at a metaphor for success built from a racist system that rewards the lighter skinned fawns and deprives the darker skinned fawns. The story is not complete without both sides.

Two Halves/Overlap

Artist statement:

Two Halves: The two halves are both beautiful in isolation, yet they work wonderfully together to create a whole.

Overlap: Beautiful, strong, important, vibrant lines, that when overlapped offer a metaphor for the important things we have in common.  

Turn the Dial/Diverging Distractions

Artist statement: 

Turn the Dial: Some people have an obvious and straight-forward path in life, they just have to exert effort over time to reach their goal (turning the dial). It is important to remember that the path created can be just as beautiful as the goal.

Diverging Distractions: Some people have many interests and talents. It can be hard to decide which way to go as each shiny new object comes into view. It lends towards an interesting and beautiful life.

Hanging sleeve/tube


Artist statement:

Seeds: I plant a lot of seeds as a parent, carefully cultivating and nurturing them, but I never know which of the seeds will take hold and bloom.

Bloom: When I see my adult kids 'blooming', I can't help but wonder how they came to be such incredibly wonderful and gifted individuals.
Artist statement:

Flow: This design was inspired by liquid motion bubble tumblers. A snapshot in time, it is a great reminder to take time to breathe, slow down, and relax and be in the present.

Warm Heart Trapped by Icy Blue: Warped by pain, this work is a reminder that beneath an icy exterior, there is usually a warm heart.


Artist statement:

Unfinished: This quilt expresses an existential crisis in glorious technicolor. As I get older I think about what is left unfinished in my life. It helps me prioritize how I want to spend my remaining time.

Bounce: In contrast to the controlled and defined grid work on the front, I love the way the trajectory of this bouncing ball shows movement and the metaphor of dealing with life’s curve balls with a “bounce”!
Beach Colors/Windows

Artist statement: 

Beach Colors: This quilt is about self care while on trips to visit my dad, and capturing that feeling of being at the beach.

Windows: This is about NOT being there, trying to soothe myself by looking at pictures of the beach, as if from a window (instead of actually being there), and missing my dad.

Alone in a Blue Corner: This work captures that feeling of grief and feeling alone, like when a close friend dies, or when divorce leaves you alone the first time because your kids have the weekend with him.

His and Hers: This side is about the healing effects of having your best friend, though different, by your side.
Neurodiversity/Light Box

Artist statement:

Neurodiversity: this is a term that means a lot of different kinds of brains. This makes for an interesting world, but is sometimes hard to remember when dealing with people who think in black and white.

Light Box: I share a love of color with my son. This work refers to colorful, backlit, interactive museum exhibits that we enjoyed together in our younger days.

Days of Summer (Pink and Orange): This quilt is an exploration of color, value, shape and size. Warm bright colors light up the front side, referencing the warmth of summer.

Winter Solstice: Neutral cool colors grace the back, perfect for a cool winter night.

One Earth/No Earth

Artist statement:

One Earth: This quilt is a message of love for the earth and a dream of harmony among all people to protect both the earth and ourselves.

No Earth: This is to represent the consequences of not taking care of the earth by showing just sky and the fossilized remains of our world.

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