Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home at Last: The Flying Cat Boys have Landed

Home at Last: The Flying Cat Boys have Landed
I do believe these kittens have found a permanent home. No surprise really, it's mine. I had adopted 2 of them to a nice home, but it didn't work out and they brought the kittens back. I was so happy to see them! They have a different set of personalities as a foursome compared with a twosome, and although each is special, I like them best all together.

I have also decided to keep them indoors. Too many friends and families with horror stories and vet bills have influenced my decision. I am still not sure if it's a good one or not, but it just is. I can tell you that 4 kittens and two litter boxes is a lot to clean up after. I thought as indoor cats, they should have a kitty garden (shows how much I know about cats!). So, I arranged this lovely corner with potted plants from my deck and a big climbing kitty condo. It lasted 2 days. They completely destroyed the plants, dug the dirt out, and started using the dirt for....well...a litter box. It wasn't pretty. Let me just say this, if you have kittens, it is a good idea to have a well functioning vacuum cleaner.

They are settling in well. They are no longer afraid of my 100 pound Weimeramer. They don't quite understand why she gets to go outside and they don't. They no longer mind being sniffed by the dog and play freely in her presence. The only real danger is being stepped on as she is old and not quite as coordinated as she once was. She tolerates the kittens quite well, which is more than I would probably do with 4 new pesky siblings with claws....

And though I love the kittens, it is unlikely that I will continue to blog about them. I really started the blog for quilts, not kittens. They got to make an appearance, because I thought it would help find them homes. Well, they've got one now. But if you are still interested, email me, and I will write you back.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Batik Pillow

Batik Pillow
My daughter has been experimenting with my wax pot. I don't let her play with the dyes, though I probably should. Instead, she applies the wax and then directs me and tells me where to put the colors. I usually give her a choice of 3 or 4 to use. She made one big piece, whole cloth, but not quite big enough for a pillow. So she picked the solid fuschia for the edges, and asked me to make the pillow for her. She asked for the "eel" to be put on the front. I added the quilting to help the eel stand out a bit more. Here's the close up.
Here's the whole pillow on my IKEA couch. (She picked the couch cover for that too!, I didn't mind though, it looks great in my purple studio)

And finally the back of the pillow. My first time making a pillow with a button closure. I had to learn how to make buttonholes with my new sewing machine (by that I mean it is 6 years old). I really like the designs on the back of her pillow. We were surprised when the raspberry dye totally disappeared into a neutral (I think the dye was too old, duh!). But we just added more wax and overdyed again. It is interesting!
Next, these are the fabrics I have been making with my wax pot and dyes. I am super happy with this collection and plan on starting a new quilt as soon as possible.

Until then, a quick one day project to get me started again. This simple tote looks great and is so bright, you can find it in the dark! Also a first, I had never made a tote before, nor a lining. For this tote I quilted the front and back and the strap. I made a lining in a bright color so that it is easy to see my cell phone. And added a small pocket to the inside. I had never made a lining before either, and found it easier than I expected. A lot of firsts, and now I have a new bag to carry! Fun!! p.s. these fabrics were all made with found objects. I'll fill you in more in a post in Nov.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Self Portrait '08

Self Portrait '08
22" x 17"
 Serendipity strikes! I started this little quilt in Pamela Allen's class this last May. It was a real stretch for me to make a quilt without drawing it first. Uncomfortable. I am not sure I will always choose to work this way, but it does have some real advantages. I am startled by the way it totally captured the essence of the moment for me. It was a crazy, hectic day. And, although this quilt does not look like me, it does show exactly how I was feeling. How does that work???
And though you will see this quilt in Houston this year, it is unlikely you will see the back, so I had to show it to you here.

I found a pool filter on the curb, at least I think that is what it was.... a big round, ribbed rubber gasket looking thingy. Perfect! I grabbed it and tried making prints with it. I found it cumbersome to use and ultimately did not like any of the prints I made with it. Which is why I took it to Pamela's class. I planned to use it for the back of something, because I didn't mind risking it. Imagine my surprise when I quilted this and then flipped it over and found another image on the back, totally unexpected!! I think it looks like an afro, but my friend, Marcia Kaylakie, says it looks like a madonna image. She said to use a see-through fabric for the hanging tube so that more of the image would show. So, I replaced the cobalt blue hanging tube with white organza.
Embellishments include: copper wire, lots of fish beads, coffee beads, shells, flower buttons, spiral beads, a big button, an itunes gift card cut into the shape of an ipod. And as an added bonus, it was really fun to work with some of my own batiked fabrics!