Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring Break Surface Design Fun!...
A quick project with my daughter!

We decided to stay home for spring break a few weeks ago.  And, one of our many adventures included a foray into the garage to play with batik and dyeing.  My daughter has a very good friend who had a birthday and we were just a bit late getting a gift for her.  And, so, we decided to make her a pillow case.  I set everything up for my daughter and then let her go wild! 

First, she batiked the letters in white with a paintbrush.  I made a few suggestions for options, and as design director, she picked dyeing in green next....and so we did.  I mixed up the dye, and let her apply it.  Then she stamped out the flower shapes in batik on the green. Next, I bleach discharged it for her.  Then I mixed some more dye and she overdyed it aqua.  Next step, I was up again to boil out the wax.  Then we worked together to pick some fabrics to go with it.  I helped her with the rotary cutting and piecing.  She opted for some hand work, which was delegated to me.  And finally we were done.  I can't wait to see Shay's face when she gets this tomorrow!!  Meanwhile, you can see on the back, a piece that was simultaneously created of Nyan cat, my daughter's favorite!  Very cute!