Monday, January 25, 2010

Want to see my studio?

My studio is featured in Cloth Paper Scissors issue of Studios, Spring 2010. I am so excited to be included in this fabulous issue! Apparently, they had so much neat stuff to show you in this issue, that they ended up making it much larger than usual! If you want to preorder an issue, click here, or wait until it hits the newstands on Feb 23. Happy, happy!

I have written and photographed my sewing studio for this issue. Here's one of the photos that they did not publish....okay, I didn't really send this one in as an option. This is what I look like when I am working, moving faster than the speed of light!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Red and Pink
18" x 24"

color, rich and saturated, evocative,
softened with stitching,
machine and by hand.
and brought to life with simple shapes

It feels good to be working again. This is my first quilt of the new year. Yes, it's small, but a palpable start. I love repetition in design. I cut circles around the center of the window crosses for the center of the flowers. Then I used the windows in the inner border, and once again repeated the cross shape in the hand stitching on the background of the flowers (see closeup below). I'm saving the edge finish for a workshop. I am teaching at the end of February on finishing techniques for small quilts at the Austin Area Quilt Guild.

I have to laugh that the red and pink IKEA couch is still inspiring me. Maybe I should call it the IDEA couch?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alamo Heritage Quilt Guild
San Antonio, TX

This last Thursday night, I was honored to present a lecture about my work at the Alamo Heritage Quilt Guild. I had a great time. This guild is rather small, but oh so friendly. I felt so relaxed and welcomed there. It was wonderful!
The first photo is of me with Dea Heller. She is the 2nd Vice President and my main contact person. She was a delight and it turns out that she has won numerous prizes with her quilts and also does presentations to guilds! She was kind enough to call before I left Austin and give me directions around the numerous road closures from construction! Very helpful!
Next, Joyce Boyd and myself. She is the President of the guild. She is warm and humorous and a delight!

I gave a one hour lecture and trunk show, punctuated with lightning strikes, thunder, and rain from outside. A lot of people came despite the bad weather. Thank you!!
I brought about 15 quilts. Included in these photos are Little Cities (also here), Synchronized Swimming, and Doors Across Austin.
And, the trunk show portion could not have been a success without all the volunteers who held up my quilts and walked them around the room so that everyone could see them. This is a difficult job because the quilts get heavy, and if you are the one holding it up, you don't get to look at the front side! Be sure to check out
the fingers holding the quilts at the top and the legs underneath!
Last a photo of my slide projector. Makes great pictures, eh?? No, really, it's turned off for this photo, and the actual quilt is being shown by a volunteer! At some point, I would love to get a new laptop and digital projector and skip the slides all together!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good things all around!

I just got this notice this morning, on Pokey's blog, that my quilt, Falling through the Cracks, is featured on the COVER of Quilting Arts Feb/March issue! Now, that is exciting! And, as her post is about warming the winter blues away, I'll have to say that this news has worked for me! I feel better already. Thanks Pokey! Wow, the quilting really pops in this photo!

Now to share the news with my friend, Vickie Hallmark, whose artfully created bead is featured in the lower right hand corner! This quilt would not have been possible without her wonderful beads! Check her blog here, or follow the link on my sidebar.

I am starting the new year off with a new small project I hope to post later this week.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hello! Today I am a guest blogger at Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles.
I love the title, don't you? Featured today I ask myself, "Why?" especially as it relates to some of my more elaborate and time consuming projects.

Here at home, it has been a quiet month. I have had no real work to put on my blog in a while. Soon after I got home from Houston, I was busy with my fabric line, and then quite by surprise ended up withdrawing my son from school. He is learning at home now and though I have been reluctant for years to homeschool, I am finding it was the best decision I ever made. That's what he says too! Now, the trick will be to find my balance again and learn to multitask art and teaching. With a couple of months under my belt, I will say that it easy getting easier to get organized and balanced.

And, since I can't blog without photos, you may be wondering what the Flying Cat Boys have been up to....
Well, Vanilla Bean has been studying physics and Pumpkin wants to learn to read and write.
Smokey and Garfield are either preferring chores, or interested in tumbling objects, I'm not sure which. Enjoy your day!