Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quilting Arts Cover Girl!

Quilting Arts Cover Girl! 
If you haven't seen this on FB yet....My quilt, Fifty, Female, and Fearless is on the cover of Quilting Arts. Fantastic!! And since it is a self portrait....I guess I really am on the cover!! Too cool for words! This quilt is part of an exhibit called Beneath the Surface curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Jenison and you will be able to see it at the Houston Quilt Festival in November. And, if you are interested, the book, Beneath the Surface is available at Blurb.com. It has photos of all the quilts in the exhibit and interviews with the artists.

Monday, September 20, 2010

SAQA auction starts today!

SAQA auction starts today! SAQA stands for Studio Art Quilt Associates and it's primary mission is to promote art quilts. In this regard, they have many exhibits at wonderful venues, and it all costs money. The annual fundraiser is in the form of an auction. Be sure and read "How the Auction Works". On the first day, the quilts are $750, and the first bidder wins the quilt. Each day the value of the quilt goes down. Each week for three weeks a new group of quilts will be offered. My quilt is in the first group and it starts at 2:00 Eastern time today. Read more about this quilt here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Urban Landscapes

Urban Landscapes leggings for the trees I love taking geometric and regular shapes and turning them into an organic shape. It's unexpected and wonderful! Maybe that's why I wrapped my trees in Urban Landscape. Or maybe to announce to my neighbors my new fabric line (as many stopped while I was working to comment!). Maybe I have been inspired by Christo? There is plethora of tree art in Austin that also resides in my subconscious. Maybe all of the above? I'm not sure, but I knew I wanted to try this idea before I cut into my stash.....well except for those curtains I made for my daughter (see previous post). This just looks so stinking cool!! And don't you wish you could put some on your trees? Or....all over the trees in a downtown area??? That would look super cool! If you are in the neighborhood, drive by, this isn't staying up long, probably not even overnight, but at least we will have the photos to look at! If you want to buy some of these lovely bright happy fabrics, you might want to hurry. I think my mom is trying to buy it ALL! lol!