Friday, September 02, 2016

Alone in a Blue Corner

Alone in a Blue Corner
87" x 87"

For all of us out there who love the blues:
This is one of several quilts in my stash busters collection.  You can see the first posts about this quilt here, and later here.  I started this project when I was still struggling with grief.  My very good friend of many years had died and I felt a bit lost and disconnected from the world around me.  I guess we all handle grief differently, but my response was to consider quitting my quilting life and getting rid of all my fabric (by sewing it all up) into useful bed-sized quilts. I think I started with this one.  And, the blue was very suitable for my mood. 
And after piecing the top, I folded it up and it sat on a shelf for a long time, waiting it's turn to be quilted and finished up.  Well, it's time has finally come!
Here's the back:
As an aside, it is hard to photograph big quilts.  If you put them in a room, the lighting from windows and doors will light them unevenly.  If you photograph at night, you are dependent upon giant glaring photo lights, which also have to be arranged just so, and even then color casts have to be corrected.  The easiest, easiest lighting is outdoors, but also difficult to find a place to hang the big quilt, avoid shadows and wind or weather.  I got lucky on this day because it was overcast and I found a great spot:
The disadvantage is that it is incredibly difficult to separate the quilt from the back ground to crop perfectly to the edge of the quilt.  I didn't get that with this shot, but I'm okay with that.  The lighting was perfect, and there was no wind, and the chain link fence was so EASY!
As for the grief?  I like to think that grief is like a room that we visit.  It is important to go in, but not stay too long.  In the beginning it is hard to find a door or window to get out.  Now I can go there, feel the "feels" and then get out. Time does help.  And, all the sewing too.  I found a way back to my joy of sewing and quilting and reconnecting with the world of wonderful people around me.