Saturday, April 06, 2019

Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop Gardens
14" x 11"
This is my latest finish, a tiny quilt for a member's challenge for Visions Art Museum.  The theme was Urban Gardens, so I think this will fit. The exhibition will open April 20. I am also excited because it is my first time to submit to a member's challenge, and there is an opportunity for some kind soul to buy this cheerful little piece.  I will get to keep half of the sale and the rest goes to help support Visions Art Museum.  A win-win situation if you ask me!

It started because I wanted to dye some batiks turquoise, which need warm temperatures and it was still too cold here.  So I pulled out my stash of solids and just started piecing....
Then I realized the member's challenge theme, so I thought these little blocks would work perfectly if I added a frame around them to make them look like windows.  I tried different colors, but this one worked the best.
Except that after I did it, I didn't like it, so I undid it...
A seam ripper and moving back to what I liked, which was the original blocks.  Simplified, abstract, colorful and bold. And then I remembered this gorgeous batik fabric I made several years ago when I was making THIS quilt (scroll down to see the fire hydrant).
With some Mistyfuse on the back, and some fussy cutting, these would be the perfect addition to make some flowers for my rooftop. Plus, I really like how the "plus" motif duplicates the "plus" motif in the pieced blocks.  :)
And then the quilting....

I also liked this quilt so much, I almost didn't send it.  Sigh...I'm not sure that's a winning strategy for an artist.  However, I am also really glad that I made it early enough that I got to look at it a while before I sent it off.  This will be another one of those that I will not be sad if it does not sell.  :)