Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quilting Arts TV

I just returned from Cleveland, OH where I was taping an episode for Quilting Arts TV. The experience was fabulous! The entire crew at KS Productions made it so easy, even for a novice like me. They had plenty of space to get all my materials set up. We got to hang out in the green room and watch the other segments as they were being taped. This really helped me know what to expect. And though in television land, time is money, I never felt rushed or nervous, though I expected to be both. Did I mention there was always food available? Pokey Bolton was an amazing host. She made it so easy for me to talk about my project. And I had a great time meeting some of the other guests who were being taped the same day, including Laura Wasilowski, Joel Dewberry, and Lyric Kinard, all wonderful and inspiring artists!

Laura showing some of her fabulous hand-dyed fabric in the green room.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Sing the Flower Eclectic
48" x 32"
Our group quilt this year, we were looking for a simple and easy project. But sometimes, simple is not so easy.
To start, everyone made one 16" quilted flower block using bright colors and quilt heavily with fluorescent threads. When we brought the blocks together, we were quite amazed that so many of us chose to use a similar turquoise background.
Then we cut the blocks into quarters and rearranged. The quarters were sewn into new 16" blocks, and then we each took a block that did NOT have one of our own sections on it. Then we each embellished to our heart's desire. This turned out to be a much more difficult than we anticipated. A number of us really struggled with the task, but eventually, it all came together. One more meeting and we were able to assemble the embellished blocks. They look great together, don't you agree?
ps. This one will be in Houston this fall in IQA's Quilts: A World of Beauty!