Thursday, February 24, 2022

Quilt for a Graduating Senior in Foster Care

Nine Patch Plus Block quilt for Day1Bags

This is a quilt I made to give to a graduating senior who has been in foster care. This quilt project required a non-gendered theme, twin sized, and with a pillowcase to go with it.  

It is hard to imagine what a non-gendered theme quilt is. However, the privacy of these teens is of utmost importance, so they could not tell us gender, or match us with an actual person to make something more specific for that individual.  With that, I simply picked colors that I liked and am hoping that it will find it's person!

In Texas, teens normally age out of the foster care system at age 18.  There have been a few changes to some of those rules, hopefully in response to the fact that teens don't go from kid to adult just because they have a birthday.  It's a process.  I wanted to give a quilt as a show of love and support.  A big wrap of love to congratulate the senior who has come so far, and to keep them warm for the struggles ahead. 
If you would like to know more about Day1Bags you can find it here.  You can also contribute in other ways without having to make a quilt if you are interested! :)


Friday, February 18, 2022

Day 9

I have been feeling like a shadow of my former self.  I guess a head injury will do that to you?

It looks so innocuous. 

Last week a ladder fell and hit me on the head, and knocked me to the ground.  It also hit the back of my hand.  No broken bones, though from the swelling and pain, I was surprised.  I also was relieved that my brain was not bleeding, and that I did not require a hospital stay.  Day, by day, I have been making progress with the healing.  The head pain comes and goes, and I slowly emerge from quiet and darkness into light and sound.  Concentrating for more than 20 - 30 minutes is still a bit much. Yesterday I had an almost normal day. I was able to enjoy the amazing weather and take a short walk. Today is worse, and it doesn't help that my neighbors who are building a pool have also decided to jack hammer and remove their freakin' driveway.  I try to stay positive.  The sound reducing headphones have made it almost tolerable, but the head pain has been with me all day.  The kids took me for a drive around lunchtime to escape the noise for a while, and it helped.

I am also grateful that my hand is fully functional even though it is ugly and a bit painful.  The swelling has gone down and I try to remember that the new colors every day are a sign of healing. Resting is not my best skill. 

Meanwhile, it is QuiltCon week!  I have a quilt in the show.  It is hard to get excited from so far away, but the photos have been fantastic.  I can pop in for short periods and feel inspired from photos of some truly amazing work!