Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cleaning Cable Clutter

I have a drawer near my computer, stuffed with cables and extension cords and it is always a tangled mess. Every wire except my ipod is black, so it is impossible to quickly distinguish between various recharges for my cameras, or their corresponding USB cables. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Too much frustration led me to finally organize this mess.

I decided to make a colorful, easy to recognize, stuff sack for each ...appliance (for lack of a better word). Anything unworthy of a stuff sack would be tossed (or donated to the technology Goodwill Center). So, here is my collection:
One yellow stuff bag with numbers for my cell phone recharger
One turquoise bag with an abstract camera image and the word "Nikon" for my recharger and USB cable for the Nikon camera.
One red and pink bag for my monitor calibration system (eye-one).
One turquoise bag with an abstract ipod image for my ipod recharger.
One pink and orange flower bag for Pinkie (my little Fuji camera) for the recharger and different sized USB connecting cable.

Most are stuff sacks with a drawstring, lined, and quite fun and easy to make. One has a zipper (because I wanted to try it). All are easily recognizable, and roomy enough to hold the contents. And, as an added bonus, when I am ready to travel, it will be so easy to grab exactly which stuff sacks to pack, and while I am gone, easy to find them in my suitcase! I am super happy with the results. It was a bit time intensive, as is all organization projects. However, being unorganized is also time consuming.

The following are before cleanup, after cleanup, and the recycle pile.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Little Art

This is a little piece batiked and dye painted by my 8 year old daughter. She was so pleased with it that she took it to school to show her friends!! Then we decided to cut it into squares. Her job is to rearrange the squares. You can see her hard at work deciding what to do. She did several arrangements. We snapped photos, then she picked one, and off to work I went sewing them together. You can then see the final product. I had sew much fun!

Next, to select borders, some quilting, and possibly a pillow....

Monday, December 07, 2009

Fabric Design

Since I started obsessively stamping found objects in wax and dyeing fabric, I have been wanting to design fabric. Many of my designs have been used in my art quilts. It is with great JOY that I announce.....(drum roll, please)..... I am working with Clothworks to produce my new fabric line based on my quilt Building UP. It will be available in stores sometime next summer. I have named the collection, Urban Landscapes, though I am not sure if that is the name with which it will be marketed. It is full of bold graphics and bright colors...Really? YES!!!!

This is one of the supporting cast of characters, 9 dot block.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Quilt Purchase!

That's what my email said. It was from Kathleen Dawson of the Dairy Barn. Apparently, someone has spoken for my quilt Little Fish in a Big City. I am so delighted, and thrilled, happy dancing on cloud 9 with a cherry on top!! This is fantastic news! I have enjoyed many successes with my art, yet this one offers a whole new level of validation for me. The act of making art is now a necessary part of my life. It brings me such joy to know that it has affected others, that they may have benefited in some way by seeing it. And, that it has affected someone enough that they want to buy it? Well, in a word... fabulous!

Please stop back by next week, I have more news to share, but wanted to save the post just for Little Fish.