Thursday, February 24, 2011

New cast

New cast
Well, well, I got a new cast for my right thumb.  The fluorescent orange was so pristine and clean, that I enjoyed it for almost two full days before it needed some 'decorating'.  I just can't help myself.  I sketched some shapes and my son cut them for me.  Then I glued them into place.  LOVE IT!  I am just concerned that my left hand might start getting hand batiks just look so lovely and cheerful!  And my splint is so blah...

Major accomplishment today, with the help of 3 assistants (much thanks!!), I managed to get some work shipped to two different venues.  It feels nice that even though I am unable to do much in terms of creating art, I can still advocate for my completed pieces.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

With a little help from my kids,

With a little help from my kids,
they squirted the paint for me and washed my brushes after.

I feel like i have turned a corner with my recovery, all from painting some silly dots.  never knew i could do so much with one thumb! 
Thank you ALL for your support and positive comments. i have been sliding into some really mopey places, and you have lifted me up. it is easy to feel pretty useless without my hands, and you have reminded me, repeatedly, that i will heal.  sorry that i have not responded to each and everyone of you.  every part of this healing adventure is just so exhausting.  but, i wanted you to know that i appreciate your comments, and they are helping.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


i am grateful my brain is intact, thanks in some small measure to my bike helmet.
i am grateful i can walk.
i am extremely grateful for modern medine and my hand surgeon.
i am extremely grateful for the two women driving by who saw me take this nasty tumble and whisked me to the er.
i am extremely grateful to my mother who arrived minutes later and has taken such good care of me and my children.  i am so blessed to have her so close and able to help.
i am grateful for my two children who are buffering my hardships with their sweet hearts and willingness to help out.
and all my good friends who have stepped up to help and send me kind words, warm wishes for a speedy recovery, and love. thank you!

this is a photo of after the surgery. i tore a ligament on my right thumb. this one will take the longest to heal and makes me grieve the most. before surgery i put a note to my doctor on the other thumb, just to make sure.  thankfully he smiled when he saw it. it is my only working finger at the moment as i type this with one thumb. my left hand had two dislocated fingers, lots of road rash, three fractures and bone chips. my left elbow took some road rash abuse and i have a lot of bruising.  this is what happened when i went too fast and didn't make the turn. the bike has not one scratch.  doesn't seem fair.

meanwhile, i would like to apologize to the quilt guild of west houston for having to cancel/postpone my lecture/workshop next week.  you can trust me that i will do my best not to let THIS happen again!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Quilting Tip for You

A Quilting Tip for You
This is one of my very favorite tips that I have ever learned.  I have consistently earned poor scores by quilting judges about being able to see my starts and stops of my quilting.  My usual technique is to sew in place for about 4 stitches, then zoom along and finish the same way.  Then I trim the thread ends close to the quilt.  It is fast, and easy.  But apparently it is also visible to the discerning eye of the quilt judge, and they DON'T like it!
And, though it is a little extra effort, it is not hard to do.  I wouldn't recommend it for everything you make, but if you have something that you are entering into a quilt venue, you might want to consider it.