Sunday, May 27, 2007

Batik - Grid Series

Batik - Grid Series
Our art bee took a surface design class to learn all about batik, dyeing, over-dyeing, and pole wrap shibori, and clamp shibori. We were attempting to make some complex cloth by adding layer upon layer of dyes. I seem to have gotten stuck on the simple mono-layer though. All of these designs were stamped in wax with found objects (okay, some were found in Home Depot--but I wasn't looking for them when I found them). Then I either brushed dye with a large foam brush or meticulously hand painted the dye inside the shapes. The dye painting was done in one session, no overdyeing in this group of samples. I also had previously soaked the fabric in soda ash before starting as this seemed to work better than soaking after I applied the wax.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Garage Door Dots

Garage Door Dots - What I am Doing Arty this Week
These dots came from my good friend Frances Holliday Alford. She had them made for her black Mercedes Benz for the arrival of Christo and Jean Claude last year in Austin. She really made quite the arrival!! Afterwards, she gave me the dots (they are magnets). They proudly decorated my green beetle and my mommy car for a few months before they landed in the garage. Now a year later, I found them sitting in a dusty corner, so I pulled them out. Low and behold, the garage door is metallic!! First we have, Random Dots, then Double Dipping, and now, Sinus Wave. The neighbors are starting to point..... I call it art in public spaces. People are beginning to stop their cars and get out and come up to my garage, just to see what it is. Some walk by and point! The new one is called: Big Dot.
And just in case you are wondering, yes, I am still quilting too, when I am not busy with such silly antics. I'm just not ready to post the photos yet. You will have to wait.