Thursday, September 28, 2023

SAQA Minimalism

Conversations - 52" x 33"

I was so happy to have my quilt Conversations juried into SAQA's new global exhibit, Minimalism. My quilt is going to amazing places! And this is just the first year of the three year tour! Outstanding!

Earlier this month (Sept 14-17), it premiered at the European Patchwork Meeting in Val D'Argent, Alsace France. Now it is moving on to an exhibit called Abilmente in Vicenza, Italy, opening Oct 12-15.  It is so nice to see that they are using an image of my quilt on their exhibits page! It would have been even better if they had attached my name to the image, but they didn't, and so I include it here.

And, if I were there, I would want to explore this beautiful place.  I mean, LOOK at those mountains! The architecture is so interesting, and it doesn't look at all like central Texas.