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Kathy has been making art quilts since 2003. During that time she has won numerous awards including two first place awards at the Houston International Quilt Show. She has the distinguished honor of being a finalist in the prestigious Quilt National 2009. She is a frequent contributor to Quilting Arts Magazine, including the cover multiple times. Her work appears in numerous quilting books including: 500 Art Quilts, Embellished Mini-Quilts, and the Journal Quilt Project.
I make art quilts to give my life experiences a voice. Working with fabric is deeply rewarding because it is a medium that longs to be touched. The most favorite thing about creating my work is color. I also love the very repetitive nature of my work because it gives me time to think. I am always surprised at the multiple levels of meaning that are subconsciously and simultaneously expressed.”
Kathy York’s interest in fabric design began as an extension of surface design on her art quilts. Many of her designs originate from found objects that are used for batik. Her work is well known for its bright, fresh colors and bold, crisp graphics.
Kathy lives in Austin, TX with her 2 children can frequently be seen walking or riding her bicycle through the neighborhood ever watchful for the next inspiring object.