Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Complements - project

project about 80" x 80"

from the outside railing of my least the colors look right in the natural lighting. 
(Please excuse the weights on the top holding it in place.)

It started like this. I was actually nervous about cutting such giant pieces of solid fabrics.  I also was in short supply of a few colors like pink, and turquoise.  So I went ahead and cut with fabrics I already had and decided it looked better with the slightly different colors (though you may disagree).  And, then I decided to mix it up a bit more with a few of the other colors, the red, and yellow, and lime green....
LOVE it!!

Then I worked one color at a time to build up blocks of pieced strips to fill in between the solid stripes.

I love the scrappy look of all these different prints!! The cutting was not the fun part, so many fabrics to pull, cut, and then re-fold.  Sometimes I like to fussy cut, so that I can showcase something interesting in one of the prints even if the scale is small.
Or this one with the cat and birds!
And the hummingbird! So sweet!

I sewed the narrow strips in groups of 10 to make a block.  Each strip is generally cut only 1" wide, though there were a few exceptions! 

More shots of all the pieces!  There were A LOT of pieces!!
Then I sewed the blocks together, and finally sewed the long lines of blocks to the solid pieces.  Easy and fun!

A last shot of a 'behind the scenes' photography shot, I hung the quilt top on my deck railing for the first photo.  When I went back upstairs to take it down, I saw how beautiful it looked through the rails!

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