Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Charmed: part 3

Charmed: part 3
80" x 80" quilt top

Charmed, after the swap out

I finished the quilt top!! Yeah! And then I changed my mind....

So I took out the very lovely block (below) that I am so very fond of, and made a new block.  The improvement is vast, and I am happy that I listened to my heart.  This "out-take" will most likely find a new home in a pillow.

I was also hoping that by the time I posted this, I would have a back for the quilt ready to go, but alas, I do not.  I also do not have a sewing machine that I can quilt this on, yet.  My Juki has been broken now for 7 weeks.  But that is a long story, and one that I will save for another day.  

Meanwhile, a great time to talk about photographing bright colors.  It is a lot more difficult than it should be.  Digital cameras "think" the perfect photo is one with people in it, so it adjusts what it sees to try to find some "skin" tones....or so I have been told.  I do find it hard to get the colors right with digital photography.  I used to shoot in the RAW mode, but because of computer "issues" I now do not have a way to open RAW files....sigh... Another good option is to take a photo outside with diffuse natural lighting, but that can be hard because of the time of day and needing a set-up large enough to accommodate large quilts, which I can make, but it is cumbersome and weather dependent.  Today, I am sharing a photo of the quilt top taken on my laundry line, (which is not tall enough).  I took it at twilight, and I am pleased with the colors here.
Overall, the colors look softer and not as harsh and brassy as the photo taken with studio lights. Even minor adjustments of lighting and color can make the overall effect not seem true. I also took a photo of this quilt at noon.  The harsh light and stark shadows are not a good option.  Here is a side by side comparison. 
When I finish the quilting, I will take the time and effort to set up outside because the light is so much better.  It won't be a quick photo shoot, and I will need to take my design walls outside, but it will be worth it! :)

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