Wednesday, October 20, 2021

On my design wall:

On my design wall:

I am thinking ahead. I have several quilt tops completed and ready for batting, a backing, and quilting.  I have been making two-sided quilts for so long now, I am struggling to put something simple on the backs of these quilts. One of the reasons I like my series of two-sided quilts is because I get to design twice as many quilt tops for the amount of quilting I have to do. I really like the design part. However, the two designs must be meaningful and complement each other. The quilting motif must work for both of them. This is a struggle. And, I question why I require this of myself, but I do....

I had a plan for one of the quilt "backs". So I bought some fabric. It was supposed to be easy and look fantastic (in my mind). Here are the fabrics I bought:

After washing them and tossing them up on the board, and rearranging, I still was not happy with how it looked. So, I made a new plan and did a fabric pull of solids to go with these florals.
The new plan is a lot more work.  Of course it is! And, I am happy with the new direction, but now I am again not certain if it will be a quilt back or a whole new quilt! 

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