Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Log Cabin two-sided block

After making The Island, I decided to experiment with construction a two sided block with different designs on both sides, and yet both pieced.  I have seen this done at a masterful level by Emiko Toda Loeb.  I first saw her quilts at the International Quilt Festival many years ago. Her work has different designs on the front and the back, both constructed with a log cabin process.  They are amazing and wonderful! Please follow the link above if you would like to be delighted and inspired!

At some point, I saw a youtube video showing how she does it.  I don't remember if I used her technique exactly, but I got the broad strokes.  I started grabbing strips of fabric that had been left over from previous projects, with little regard to the color palette.  (Sorry about that!) I mostly wanted to try this technique.  It works! And like all good things, it requires some patience and practice.  I have been sewing long enough to realize when things are not going well, it is best to rip out a bit, and reconsider my process. For mine, I needed pins from the front, and then pins on the back to hold the thing together while stitching. 

I had so much fun with this little experiment, I forgot to take process photos, which I normally do just to help my memory.  I am not sure I would make an entire quilt like this, but I do like how nicely it turned out.  It has the same quality of being quilted at the same time it is constructed or pieced. 

I had planned to make a series of these and practice sewing the blocks together, but I lost interest after doing the first block. I was thinking it would be a great summer project, because you could quilt the blocks before joining them.  I was thinking some hand stitching would look good! Then you would not be baking under a large quilt while quilting.  

The only thing left was to finish it up.  Instead of choosing a binding or a facing, I just trimmed the batting and tucked the edges inside.  This is called a knife edge finish. 

Now it is complete and about the size of a good mug rug!


Debbie said...

Really interesting (and pretty!) experiment!

Kathy York said...

Thanks Debbie!

Lisa Chin said...

Fabulous! I can't wait to look at the link you provided. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy York said...

Glad you liked it! and, you're welcome!