Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Sea, Sand, Sky

Sea, Sand, Sky
18" x 18"

This is number 5 of five in the little series. I wanted to try a view from the water and I love the way this looks! A great change of perspective, this one is my favorite. This might be my point of view if I were swimming in the ocean looking back at the land, or on a sailboat, or perhaps a surfboard. I didn’t quilt this one because I love the pure distinct lines of color. 

This one also presented a number of technical challenges.  Because I chose not to quilt it, it was substantially floppy. It was not really sturdy enough to hang on a wall.  And, I didn't make it big enough to wrap around a canvas.  Ultimately I decided to piece a white border on it, add some batting, and then wrap it around a canvas.  It made for a little bit of bulk on the edges and corners, but mostly those don't appear obvious. 

Here's a photo of it hanging above the mantel by my fireplace, along with some shells and dead coral I found on a trip to the Bahamas when I was a teen. Sharky is fond of it too! :)

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