Wednesday, May 05, 2021

 Between Me and the Beach
12" x 12"

For this one, I was thinking about obstacles to traveling.  The white grid work alludes to all the things that keep me from the beach, some internal and some covid.  My heart longs for the sounds and smells and sight of the beach. 

For the quilting, I wanted all the lines to go horizontally, following one line of color across the entire piece before changing thread colors again.  However, I did not want them to go across the white grid.  I wanted them behind the grid and associated with the sand and the water.  So, I realized that I should have quilted the grid work first, and then found a way to add the white on top.  That would have been a lot easier than what I actually did, which involved a lot of starts and stops.  I really like the way this one looks though, and may try another version of it, but this time planning ahead better. 


Carol said...

How do i find you on Instagram?

Kathy York said...

Carol, you can look on the sidebar, and click the Instagram icon. It will take you directly to my Instagram account.