Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Plenty to Go Around, the back side, Part 3, project
80" x 80"

This panel has all the same flowers as the front side, but instead of done individually, cut out, and appliqued, they have been done in one big panel, all at once.  These flowers represent all that the fawn are fleeing to.  They could represent food (because deer are forb eaters), freedom, or even safety.

It began with the sketch, and then the applying of the wax to the sketch.  I think this panel had the heaviest application of wax because I put it between EVERY flower! Yes, completely nuts! But, it worked!  The first ones above are the giant flowers, about 16" across.
The next set are much smaller flowers.  If you notice, these flowers also have the tiny double edge, so that they look like the flowers on the front that have their edges turned under with just a hint of color past the white edge of the flower. 

These flowers were originally orange and blue on the front side, but I decided to make them all blue here. They will be done in two parts.  First they will be dyed, and then rinsed.  Then I will add more wax to the aqua blue, leaving just a thin outline of the flower that will be overdyed with navy: all while working on the giant single panel with all the flowers.

This set, like a number of the other flowers was also done in two stages of dyeing, so that different flower parts could have different colors.

Looking good! and ready for the dye. I am already thinking, this is a LOT of wax to boil out! Yikes!

Here are the layers of dye:

The final stage of this panel!  Sorry I forgot to take a photo after the wax was boiled out.  This is the stage where the dyeing is complete and I am rinsing the excess dye out with a garden hose. The dyes are still wet and looking super intense! I just love this stage, and sadly feel just a bit disappointed after the wax has been boiled out and the piece is dried as the colors fade a bit. You can see the very edge of the fence peaking out on the left side of the panel.  

Next week, I will show you the rest of the panels and the final piece!

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