Wednesday, January 15, 2020


52" x 33"
Pretty overlapping lines with the transparencies of the colors showing through. The boldness of the lines and simplicity of shape and form are so appealing to me! Fresh, modern, skillfully executed. Joy!


Two overlapping sound waves, suggesting the concept of "overtalking". Conversations when two people are talking, perhaps over each other, and not really listening to what the other person is saying. When having a conversation, do you listen? or just talk? And then I realized how incredibly hard it is for me to listen when someone is saying something that I disagree with, or something I just don't like at all.  This happened to me when watching the impeachment hearings.  I found myself repeatedly hitting the mute button on my remote control, perhaps a universal experience regardless of which side you are on? And, it led me to think that this is where the trouble STARTS, not being able to listen to opposing viewpoints. Hence, the somewhat disparate color palette. And, this is where the discomfort starts for me, having an insight, and then trying to decide what to do about it....

Meanwhile, in the studio, some process shots for you. Some days I worked for hours and the time just slipped away, other days, not so much.  One thing that I did enjoy was working in cooler weather, even on the really cold days. Beginning the stripes of wax....
The first round of dyes:
Note the difference between the colors of the wet dyes above and the rinsed and dried dyes below. Getting ready to boil out the first layer of wax:
Drying on the line: (the image is actually reversed in this photo, this is the back of the fabric)
Adding the second round of waxed lines:

After adding the second set of dyes and boiling out the wax.  This is a photo of the basting stage, getting ready to machine quilt. It is so rewarding to see all the colors!!
The quilting. I decided to leave the color stripes unquilted.  I love how puffy and dimensional they look with the white background quilted. 

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