Friday, February 06, 2015


45" and growing...

I have decided to do some stash busting!  I have been collecting fabric for over 20 years, and it is time to do some cleaning out again.  I have given fabric away before, but this time I decided to use it up in the form of making quick quilts to either sell or donate....not sure about that part yet.  All I know is that I am currently interested in learning more about modern quilts and design, so hopefully this could be quite the interesting little project and also useful to me to clean out the studio, and potentially useful to the person or persons who acquire these quilts! 
I have about 14 containers like this from the Container store.  They are packed to the gills.  It partly explains why I typically buy fat quarters, because they fit in my boxes more easily!  And though it looks like an overwhelming amount of fabric, I would just like to say that for the most part, each piece was purchased with a specific project in mind.  I rarely shop for fabric just to own it and cherish it.  Not that there is anything wrong with that!
Meanwhile, this fabric could be having a useful life, instead of being locked away in these boxes waiting for an audition that may never come....
Strip piecing seemed like it would level the playing field and let all the fabrics come together.  Here was my work session at the beginning of the week.
It begins with the cutting.  I selected 5 arbitrary widths and then just started cutting one piece at a time.  Whatever didn't fit into a strip got tossed away. I am planning largish sized quilts, so this one isn't quite done yet.  It is currently at 65" x 65" after just 4 days of sewing.  I am amazed at how quickly it comes together.  Obviously it may be a different story when it comes to finishing it up.  And, I don't have a stash of large fabric for the back, so I may end up just putting two tops together.  Wish me luck!

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Dolores said...

If you put thin strips on one side and fatter ones on the other, then it would become rectangular and be a better fit for a bed.