Saturday, February 14, 2015

Big Blue
83" x 83"
Should I make it bigger?  It already feels rather largish!! Here's a drawing for scale.
...and especially when I consider having to quilt it?  Imagine pushing this little gem under your home sewing machine...Happy, happy!

Meanwhile, though I LOVE how this looks, I am disappointed that it used so little of my stash.  This is the after picture.
This box is crammed packed on the right side.  (Scroll down to see the before picture or click here). The left over cut strips are on the left side.  I used less than half the box to make this quilt.  On the bright side, at least there will be enough fabric to make a back for it!  I really look forward to that part of it.  I love making design decisions and just letting the creativity flow!!

Now if I multiply this project by the number of boxes of fabric I have, and then consider the time it took to make this top, I see at least a year of work, without the quilting part thrown in.  True confessions of a quilter....


Charlotte Scott said...

That scares me silly when I look over at the boxes of fabric I have and imagine how many quilts (BIG quilts) I'd have to make to use it all up. I sense a fabric diet coming right up.

Love the asymmetry!

Kathy York said...

I know exactly what you mean! Thanks, I'm fond of the asymmetry too!