Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sewing AAQG Boutique Items


 In February I volunteered to run the Boutique.  It is a special shopping booth to raise money for our guild, the Austin Area Quilt Guild.  It runs during their biennial quilt show, this year Sept 12-14.  I have dedicated a page on my blog to the news of the Boutique, and a slideshow in my sidebar to show some of the items that our guild members have been working on.

 For someone who is interested in simplifying her life and does not like to shop, this seems like a bizarre choice for me.  Half of our booth will be dedicated to selling things our guild members no longer want, this includes books, and many, many other items.  It will resemble a garage sale.  I like that these items have an opportunity to live a useful life with someone else.  All part of the reduce, reuse, and recycle movement.  I hate that I am the one in charge of it.  I need help! ha!

Meanwhile, I have committed to doing this and have embraced my role wholeheartedly.  I have been sewing a lot of items for the Boutique and thought I would try to lead by example.  It seems to be a two way street though.  As I lend inspiration, I find that I gain inspiration.  Our guild members have completely amazed me by their willingness to step forward and accept the challenge!  I am experiencing joy and fun in the process. I like learning something new.  I have followed free on-line tutorials for all of these items.  I am also finding it FUN to finish something so quickly.

I never thought I would have time to make all this.  I guess when you are having fun, you find the time! 

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