Thursday, June 19, 2014

Double Cross

Double Cross
38" x 34"
This is my entry for the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.  This fabric challenge is offered through the Modern Quilt Guild, and if you are a member of any branch of the MQG, then you can get free fabric to make a little quilt.  Photos are posted in an on-line forum.  I have no idea how the winner is chosen, but I like the prize, free fabric for a year!
Speaking of free fabric, this is my first time to participate in a fabric challenge.  I was a bit underwhelmed by the small amount of fabric.  We got 1/8 yd samples of 6 different fabrics.  The rules say that it has to be quilted, but no restrictions on size.  You are allowed to use any solids, and any other Michael Miller fabrics, and you can purchase more of the fabrics you were given in the set.
Ding!  I am SO SLOW!  I get it now.  They are hoping you WILL buy more of their fabric.  Makes sense to me!  And they get free marketing from whatever you make.  Brilliant!
As for me, they will have to settle for just the free marketing.  I decided that I would self-impose one other restriction: to add to this set of free fabrics with fabrics I already own.  And, I have bolts of white fabric (for dyeing and batiking), so it plays a strong component of the design. 
What I thought of the fabrics?  They were soft and easy to handle.  I liked the pale color palette, especially with the pop of orange.  I did not like the grey print at all, but found it plays well with others (I used it for the composition on the back).   Would I buy any of these?  Possibly, but I am not a typical buyer.  I only shop for fabric when I need it for a specific project.  It would have to fit the color palette I am looking for at the time. 

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