Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Art as a Gift
 This one is called Flamingo Babies. As in....did you know that flamingo mommies carry their babies on their backs? The blue easter egg looking thingy is a baby pond for the baby flamingo. There are many other details, but I will save them for later.
This is a collaborative piece I made with my daughter. She drew the picture in art class at school. I transferred it to fabric by scanning and printing. This is when I learned, though I think I already knew, that my printer does not print colors like I see on my monitor. I know better, my printer is not calibrated, but alas, did it anyway. So, back to my story. I had to color in a lot with Tsukineko inks and fabric markers to make the colors truer. Then I quilted on top of the black lines with black thread to make it look more distinct. I asked my daughter to draw some fish for me, and I copied her fish designs around the border (her idea!). It is hard to copy another artist's designs exactly, but I tried. The border fabric is one of my hand dyes. I found the project to be more work than I expected, but it was really fun and rewarding. We gave it to her grandparents for Christmas.


Carmen Rose said...

What a beautiful idea and I love how it turned out! Bless you for encouraging her to grow into her own creativity!

Vickie Hallmark said...

How sweet to have make a wonderful collaborative treasure with your daughter. Years from now, it will be even more precious.

Nellie's Needles said...

That is a most delightful piece ... and story.

Laura T said...

What a wonderful and fun project to make with your daughter! A budding artist and I'm sure the grandparents loved it. I really liked the border fish!