Sunday, May 21, 2023

Forest Floor

Forest Floor
85: x 85"
This quilt was made for my youngest. I was inspired by our fantastic experience when we went hiking in the sequoias near Yosemite National Park a few years ago and being around such old souls.  That peace and joy is what I hope is conveyed with this quilt. 

Selecting the color palette: 
Next, cutting all the fabrics into squares. They are sitting on the fabric we selected for the backing of the quilt.

Looking at the stacks of cut fabric, the project feels a bit daunting.

Next up, stitching the squares together, two at a time to make two sets of half square triangles (HST).  Then trimming them to the correct size.

Then sewing the stacks of HST into strips.  

It started getting real the more of these that I made.  When the top was finished, I popped it off my design wall to see how it looks in situ!
I think it looks PERFECT with the forest mural! Apparently the cat likes it too!

Last step was the quilting.  I quilted all the vertical lines and horizontal lines with dark brown thread along the long sides of the brown triangles.  Then I finished it up with different colors of greens along the diagonals. 

And last, outside to get some natural lighting on all those greens.  Most of the photos of this quilt distort the green colors, but the outside photos were the absolute best!
I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out.  I hope it brings many years of joy to my now adult kid! :)

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