Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Women's March 2017: By the Numbers

48" x 48"

It is with great honor and pleasure that I share with you my quilt is going to be part of the permanent collection of the International Quilt Museum! I am delighted that it will be entering history in this way, especially after it's long tour with Threads of Resistance.

This quilt was made to honor the 3 million people who marched globally the day after President Trump's inauguration. There are 9216 little half inch squares making up this quilt. Each square represents 325 people, which is equivalent to a large jet plane full of people. Imagine a full airplane for each tiny little square! That's a lot of people, all marching to protect the right's of women. Women's rights are still under assault today, especially in the state of Texas. Women's rights are human rights.  We must RESIST and continue demanding our rights to our own bodies!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on the acquisition! This was one of my favorite quilts in TOR, partly because of the satisfaction I felt at the thought of his first morning as president being marked by this protest. Great documentation of it!

Kathy York said...

Thank you so much Rebecca! It means a lot to me, especially during all those hours of putting together so many tiny tiny little pieces. I frequently asked myself, WHY?? The answer was something like what you expressed here. Thank you!