Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Pajama Pants

Pajama Pants

If someone made pj's like this, I would buy them, but they don't.  So, I have resigned myself to make them. Sometimes when you see a fabric, you just know it's destiny, and this was one of those times. Despite the fact that I don't enjoy sewing clothes, I do like wearing them! And, this pattern is so incredibly simple to make, only 6 steps! 

Note: I did not purchase this pattern, it is what is left of an old and thread worn pair of pj's that was ripped apart to make the pattern.  This is not my go-to for sewing.  I prefer to buy a pattern and give the income to the designer.  I will show one of those next week. 

1.  Cut out the pieces.  I used 2 shapes, one for the front leg and one for the back, and I needed two of each.

2.  With right sides together, I pinned and then sewed the inseams of each front leg to a back leg. 

3. Then I sewed the two stitched sections together along the center front and center back. I always put 2 lines of stitching along the curves to strengthen the seam. 

4. The next seam makes the jamers look like pants!  I lined up the outer leg seams, front and back, with right sides together and stitch.  

5. Then I made a casing for the waistband. I opted to sew in the elastic so that it will never roll.  I also put buttonholes in the front so that I can have a drawstring too. 

6. Last step is to finish the bottom cuffs of each pant leg.  I turned in 1/2" two times and then stitched.  Super easy, and ready to wear!

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Judy said...

I used to make PJ pants for all my grandkids. Yesterday my great-grands were visiting and the youngest one brought along his favorite PJ pants - I had made them for his uncle 15 years ago! They were his fave because they were so soft. And alas, a bit short. So I added a band to the bottom and now he's back in PJ bliss!