Wednesday, November 20, 2019


56" x 79"

I am happy to share with you a quilt I completed last year.  This quilt is all about what is left unfinished in life.  It helps me think about all those things I still want to do and prioritize how I spend my time.

The white in this quilt is so white that it blends in with the background of my webpage.  Therefore, I have shown it here on the background of my grey design wall.  It is a simple design, one that I am certain I have seen before, but I haven't seen quite like this. I love the colors and the meaning it holds for me. Also, it was fun to make because it wasn't one of those projects that I agonized over.

I bought all the fabrics for this quilt, no dyeing involved.  I LOVE the vast choices of solid color fabrics that are available today!

This one started with a sketch with my Copic markers.  You can see that I cannot color inside the lines!! Ha! As I worked, I took several photos along the way.  When I finished, I realized that I like the piece that was colored with less color, than the final product.  So, that's what I chose for the quilt.

Next up was deciding the size of the quilt, how much fabric to buy, prewashing the fabric, pressing out the wrinkles and cutting all the blocks.  Whew!  Then the assembly via sewing machine.

After the top was completed, I pin basted it, and then decided because of the way I would quilt it, that I would take the extra step of machine basting it, so that I could remove all the pins, and hope the quilt sandwich would possibly shift less while I was stitching.  This did work well, but I also spent extra time taking out the machine basting stitches.  In the end, it was worth it!

Here's a shot of all my threads and bobbins lined up and ready to go! Spools of Masterpiece by Superior are my current favorites!

I also decided that I would free motion quilt this because that would allow me to go back and forth within each color block.  I could have chosen a walking foot, but that would require turning the entire quilt a lot, or quilting backwards with the walking foot which I have not learned to do yet.  I don't mind the free motion, and for short sections, the straight lines are achievable.  They are not all perfect, and that is just fine with me.  I like that free motion quilting doesn't look like a computer did it, or maybe just MY free motion quilting doesn't look like a computer did it! Ha!

I love the texture I have created with the straight line quilting and the tiny unquilted white square blocks.

This one is also a two sided quilt.  I will post about the back next week.  Cheers!


Heidi said...

wonderful ! Love the process explanation, too !

Kathy York said...

thanks Heidi! It is so reassuring that at least one person read what I wrote. Ha!