Tuesday, June 28, 2016

100 Days, 100 Nights

100 Days, 100 Nights
40" x 40"

Here is my entry for Dinner@Eight's new exhibit this year, Patterns.  I am so happy that my quilt was juried into this exhibit!  Yay!  It will premier at the Houston International Quilt Festival, Nov 3-6.  
Serendipity.  I was making a different quilt (which is not finished yet), and when cutting and stacking all the blocks, I saw a really cool and unintended pattern emerge.  One that fascinated me enough that I wanted to do it instead.  I took a picture, and then made the top for the other quilt.  And though I wanted to continue working on it, this other idea got stuck in my head, so I set the big one aside and cut some more blocks.  Putting all the colors together was the fun part!  It is always so surprising to me that while attempting a random arrangement, patterns will emerge!  At first, I thought the only pattern was the shape of the blocks, and that the colors were random.  It reminded me of how every day is 24 hours, but each day looks different because of the choices we make and things that happen to us.  Even the nights are different, different sleep periods, different dreams, insomnia, noises in the night, etc.

And because this one is relatively small in size, I got to play with my new threads from Superior, Sew Sassy.  They are just the perfect weight and handling for the bigger sized hand quilting, some people call it seed stitches, others call it Sashiko stitching.  I just like the texture and find the process very relaxing.  I was also inspired by the thread.  I loved the colors and the way it feels. 
I also did not have enough of any one color for the back, so I pieced this from the leftovers:
It is fun to try out new ideas for the back, just some extra design practice! Here it is relaxing on my couch, I call it the "glamour shot"!  Ha!


Unknown said...

Hi Kathy! I am not usually drawn to this kind of quilt design but this really caught my eyes! You did a great job of choosing the colors and including a few white blocks, too. Glad your quilt got into the Dinner at 8 group.

Kathy York said...

Thanks Patricia! This one surprised me too. I just love the colors!