Saturday, October 31, 2015

Houston Quilt Festival 2015

Houston Quilt Festival 2015

I returned earlier this week from Quilt Market and the awards ceremony for Quilt Festival.  It was such an amazing experience, and it had been a few years since I had been to Quilt Market.  I went with an open heart and an open mind.  I had no agenda to seek.  I wanted to look and try to find inspiration to move forward in my work.  I do believe I have succeeded.   I am so hyped up with ideas and adrenaline from Quilt Market, that I have been working non-stop in my studio since I got home.  It is great to be inspired!
Two Deer (or Too Dear)
And, until I can post about my new work, I would love to share with you my sweet success at Quilt Festival!  My quilt, Two Deer (or Too Dear!) won a second place award!  It is quite an honor!  And, I was presented the award by Becky Richards of Hobbs Batting, who sponsored my category, Whimsical Art Quilts. I had just met Becky at Quilt Market, so it felt very special to get an award from her.

I also had 3 quilts in SAQA exhibits.  And it was not too long ago when I got mostly rejections from SAQA, so I feel quite honored to have these 3 quilts in Houston at the two new SAQA exhibits, Balance and Wild Fabrications.
Fifty, Female, and Fearless


The Long Necked Cats and the Long Legged Bird
I had a quilt in Affinity, which is an exhibit by Dinner@Eight Artists curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Jenison.  This is my 7th year in their exhibits, which is very dear to my heart. This quilt is called Dot, and uses the same batiked and dyed circles as the cat quilt above.
For the first time, I had a quilt accepted to What's for Dinner? which is another exhibit by Dinner@Eight Artists.  I rarely make quilts about food, so I have never entered.  But, this year has been a big change in my eating habits and exercise.  It's all about trying to find good health again, and this idea popped into my head.  And, I love it!  and what it means to me!  Very special!
I Could Have Been a Bear
I also have a quilt in the IQA auction.  It is an honor to have been asked to participate in this fundraising opportunity.  I hope it raises some money for them, and pleases the person who wins the bid!
Night Ride
And, I almost forgot, one quilt that is very dear to my heart, Innocence.  This is the quilt that I submitted to the Quilt Alliance contest, Animals We Love.  I was REALLY hoping to win the Sweet 16 Quilting Machine, but I did not.  The quilts for this contest are shown in several exhibits, and then auctioned off on eBay.  I am still hoping to make a pattern for this one, and hopefully quite soon!

I also have a few pieces at the Mistyfuse booth.  I LOVE Iris dearly, and use her Mistyfuse in almost ALL my quilts.  I LOVE the product, it makes my ideas come alive! Iris has a new product coming out called Bunny Paper.  She gave me a sample to try, and I am looking forward to it! The first one is the quilt I made, Welcome Home, for Sue Bleiweiss's new book, Colorful Fabric Collage.

Welcome Home
The second is just a sample of dots on a scrap, something that people can touch to feel how soft Mistyfuse actually is!
Dot Sample
Now, it's time to get back to work!  I am making a few really big quilts, and am happily sewing a fun backing for the next one!  QuiltCon 2016 is coming up, and I need to get my entries ready!!

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Unknown said...

I saw "Innocence" posted I think by quilt alliance - but I LOve this quilt! Love cats! this one shows how they look when they know they have done wrong. Who Me?