Saturday, May 09, 2015

Review of Thermofax 101

Review of Thermofax 101: screen printing made easy

I’m so happy to be a part of the blog hop and giveaway to celebrate the release of my dear friend Lyric's newest DVD Thermofax 101 screen printing made easy by Lyric Kinard. 
Enter a comment below by next Friday and you will be eligible for a free copy of the DVD! I will randomly selected a winner for a free copy of it (international entries are also accepted)! If you don't win this one, you can get one here.

I was really excited to watch it because I have done a little screen printing and I was curious about the thermofax process. It is a great instruction DVD! I also really love getting to see Lyric's process because I have admired her work for years. I really appreciate that Lyric sells the screens too, just in case you do not want to invest in a thermofax machine, but might enjoy trying it out!

Things I like about the DVD:
1. It is well organized. The chapters are in a logical order and go into enough depth that you can easily get started screen printing.
2. I really like the way Lyric gives enough tips to help you through any trouble spots you might have.
3. It is obvious that Lyric has a lot of experience screen printing and has taken a lot of time and care to explain the process in a way that makes it easy to do. She uses a lot of visual examples and a lot of demonstrations to show how this all works.
4. I was not expecting Lyric to cover fabric design. Bonus! I like the information about design, and ways to use the screen to make fabric for use in other projects.
5. The DVD has good light and good closeups. The visuals are helpful and easy to see!

Things I like about the thermofax screens:
1. They are super easy to make (well, especially when I send my drawing to Lyric and she runs it through her machine!) ha! Whatever I draw, the screen looks just like it!
2. It is reusable, as long as I remember to not let the paint dry in it (this is not a problem, I am always super cautious about that!)
3. I do not like that the screen rolls up so easily. It seems hard to use, however once I got it taped up as shown in the DVD, it was really easy to work with, surprisingly easy.

For my little practice project I am using this little faucet. I wanted to do something about water usage and our current drought.  This is a work in progress shot:
ps.  I printed 6 of these little faucets, and it took me about 5 minutes (including the clean-up!).  LOVE how fast and easy this is!

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Sherri Lipman McCauley said...

Love the water faucet image. I love to use Thermofax screens for printing.

Kathleen said...

I haven't tried thermofax screens yet but maybe this book is all the support I will need to get started the right way. Thank you!

Deborah said...

Thanks, Kathy! Timely idea related to water situation...

KateKwiltz said...

Haven't tried them yet, but it's on my playing-with-fabric bucket list. Thanks for the opportunity to win (and play)!

janice said...

Love Lyric's work and teaching style. This DVD is definitely on my wish list

Diane said...

Lyric does a great job with her DVDs and would love to add this to my collection. Thank-you for posting about her new DVD.

Karen@littlebirdiequilting said...

I'm very keen to try these screens! thank you for the opportunity to win the DVD.

Vicki said...

Love your cat pieces from the previous posts. Your cats sound very entertaining. Thanks for the chance to win the video.

Patchacha said...

Great idea ! Of course, I'd like to win !!!

Unknown said...

A faucet - that is original! I am very intrigued by this printing method.

Roxanne said...

These screens offer interesting possibilities.Would love to win.

Laceflower said...

T screens are a great and easy way of stenciling your own designs. I'd love to win the DVD

patty a. said...

This DVD sounds wonderful!

LynneP said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I think Lyric is an excellent teacher.
jlpfeffer at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting. I'd like to learn how to do this process. -- soparkaveataoldotcom

Unknown said...

I would love to try screen printing. It looks like I could use in as part of a collage. I am trying to learn as many techniques as I can. Thank you.

Marysu Bennett said...

One word: cats. (Who doesn't want to screen print cats??)

Margaret said...

great faucet! You make it look easy. Thanks for the give away

Robin Walston said...

I'd love to win this book and do some more screen printing. I need a refresher course, for sure.
Thanks for your insights and a chance to win.

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

I just discovered thermofax screens and I love them. Lyric's newest DVD sounds wonderful.

Kathy York said...

The winner of the giveaway is Ellee, soparkaveataoldotcom. I sent you an email. If you will reply with your address, I can get the DVD shipped to you. Thanks for all your comments!