Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Pi Project

The Pi Project
aka, playing with numbers!
This next year Pi Day will fall on 3.14.15!  A very cool combination!  In celebration The Pi Project plans to make a very long ribbon of fabric numbers, all sewn together, with the correct sequence of pi.  The public is being encouraged to participate by donating 9.5" x 9.5" numbers.  Details can be found here.  I decided this might be a fun project, so I spent the day making numbers!  And if you are curious, I didn't make them in order, nor did I intend to make this many!  I planned to make just a few, maybe three?  But then I started having too much fun!!
Fusible applique on commercial cottons
Made from individually cut batiked squares and fused to the background.
some of my batiked flowers, individually cut, and fused together, then cut in the shape of a 2 and fused to the background.
some fabric from my Urban Landscapes fused to the checkered background.
Fusible applique on some fun commercial cottons.
Individually cut batik circles fused to the background and top-stitched
both 8's use some of my hand made batiks, the first has hand-stitching, the second machine stitching.  I liked them both, so decided to send both!
Playing with them now!  Don't they look cute in this hopscotch layout!  Might be fun to make a quilt like this!

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