Friday, November 08, 2013

Giveaway Winners!

Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to Debbi d-w and DonaleeK who are both winners of a free issue of Modern Patchwork!  If you will send me your addresses, I will be happy to pop these in the mail to you!

I started sewing some patchwork yesterday.  I want to make some reusable grocery bags.  Austin has banned the use of disposable plastic bags.  I am happy that they decided to do this as I think it is a ridiculous waste of petroleum.  The petroleum is a limited resource, and I hate seeing it used for things we so casually throw away.  And the bags are a big source of trash and pollution. Please note that I am not a zealot in this regard.  I can waste petroleum products just as much as the next guy, and it doesn't usually bother me too much.  But, the plastic bags are one source that I will gladly give up.  I have had reusable grocery bags for years, only now I have to remember to take them with me!  Most days I am pretty good about this.  However, my bags are starting to look a little ragged and worn out.  A perfect opportunity to make some new ones! 

Also, most reusable grocery bags are advertising something, and usually it's the grocery store where I obtained it.  I like to think that I could use this free exposure to advertise myself, and my art.  I am starting simply though, to see if my design will hold up to the task, and then, who knows what I will do with the future bags?  Or what YOU could do?? 

Here are some process photos of the making the prototype pattern for the bag...
It starts with the inspiration fabric from IKEA.  This fabric is upholestry weight, inexpensive, and rich with fantastic designs.  I could have just used it as a whole cloth for my bags, but no.  I am a quilter. We cut stuff up and sew it back together.  It is just what I do...
There are a lot of subject themes in the fabric, but I decided to go with the birds.  You can also see the bottom image of a scooter.  I am saving that for a smaller tote bag to use when we go to the store on our electric scooters for small stuff.  Too fun!  Isn't this blue bird with a crown so cute!!

The next step is auditioning some fabrics to go with the fussy cut bird squares.  Not all of these will make it to the final round.  Hey, did you see the cat?  How can I skip the cat with a bag of birds?  I can't.  There is also a little dog.  Reminds me of the little runaway dachshund that frequents our neighborhood.  I scoop him up every time I find him.  His name is Link, and he is a very clever escape artist.  And so friendly and sweet!  We have nicknamed him the Missing Link!  But, I digress.

As usual, I have more difficulty than I'd like making decisions, so I decide to put in some 9 patch blocks, and get to work on those...

It is late afternoon and I have a sinus headache.  True confessions: the math and thinking part of making patchwork is suddenly too hard, which tells me that I should be resting instead of sewing.  Note: I choose the latter.  I decide to just cut some strips and sew and not think about it.  Somehow it works out?? How is that possible?  I am delighted with how the 9 patch look with the fabrics.
Well, at least I am making progress. 


debbi d-w said...

Thanks so much for the magazine! Can't wait to see your finished bag. Will you have a way to fold or roll it up?

Kathy York said...

I am not planning any special way of rolling or folding. I typically stuff all my reusable grocery bags into one outer bag, and carry it over my shoulder, along with my purse. It works for me! :)

LynneP said...

Looking forward to seeing the end result...VERY fun tote bag!

DonaleeK said...

Kathy, Thanks so much for the magazine. I'm looking forward to seeing your work in it. Will you autograph my copy before you send it out please???
I can't wait to meet up at some Quilt show some place!
These market bags are going to be GREAT! I'm inspired (as usual) by your fresh ideas!
Thanks again. Donalee