Sunday, October 20, 2013


36" x 48"
by:  Frances Holiday Alford, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Michele Muska, Leslie Jenison, Hoodie Crescent, and Kathy York

This last spring at QuiltCon, our group got together and started dreaming and scheming.
Frances Holliday Alford and Leslie Jenison
We had so much fun making Exquisite Journey, that we wanted to do it again.
Here we are all posing at the Interweave booth with a copy of our quilt on the cover of Quilting Arts!!
Between bites of breakfast we had many ideas floating around looking for a place to take root.
Leslie Jenison and Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Michele Muska and Leslie Jenison
The yellow one seemed to catch us all in a good mood.  And so, it was decided.

Hoodie Crescent and Kathy York
We would all make several 12" x 12" yellow blocks, quilt them, and then later decide how to arrange them into a quilt.  I had visions of daffodils and yellow submarines dancing around my head.  It is so funny, because before we started, I assumed that each group member would be making representational art for this quilt.  I saw applique objects of many types:  all in yellow.  I was so excited because I thought it would look like a beautiful yellow photo assemblage of our art.  And, that is not what happened at all.  We each independently decided to make a more abstract representation of yellow. And I love the yellow modern and abstract art that our quilt came to be!

Here are my two blocks... The first one, themed from an abstraction of a flower, is ready to be trimmed to the 12" size.  It is about 14" in this photo...

The second one is all stripes, all fused and slowly bent while simultaneously applying heat with the iron.  I love the way the gentle curves emerge:
We sent all our blocks to Frances, our tireless group leader and chief instigator.  Michele had a free weekend to go up and visit Frances in Vermont.  And then the magic happened.  I don't know how they came to decide to chop all our blocks in half diagonally, but it totally works!  I am amazed by their courage and artistic vision!! 
Though not a prize winner in Houston this year, we are so delighted that it is a Finalist.  If you are able to go to the Houston Quilt Show, I hope you get a chance to stop by the group category and take a look at our original interpretation of YELLOW!  Very fun!  Let's do it again!!


Iris said...

Amazing quilt. LOVE IT. And love the story that goes with it. And each of you, too. It just makes me happy! LOVE FEST!

Martha Tsihlas said...

Hi Kathy: thank you for sharing the process. I can't wait to see this quilt in Houston!!