Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Color Block Quilt

Color Block Quilt
44" x 43"

I had some batiked blocks left over from this quilt.  Each block is about 19" square.  I took 9 of them, and with a little special cutting....

Here's a photo to show the 9 blocks (after cutting) that I sewed together.  Doesn't look much like a 9 patch, does it?
I decided to use the left over pieces to make a fun back for the quilt.
Some of the pieces were about half the size of the original block, and some were about 3/4 sized.  From all of these I cut 2" strips.
The shorter strips were joined rather randomly to make 6 long strips.  I also added a few solid orange strips because I like the way it looked.   I used half of these along with 4 wider strips of white fabric (about 9" wide, and 45" long) to make this:
(Notice that the top, bottom, and sides look larger than the centers.  That is because I like to make the quilt back larger than the front.  This allows for a bit a slippage during the machine quilting, and is trimmed away later. )After it was stitched, I used the rotary cutter to cut s along the black dashed lines.  Then I inserted the other 3 long color strips to complete the back.
It took about 1 1/2 days to do the straight line quilting and then the red binding.  Here's a closeup for you!
 Fun, easy, bright and cheerful, and fast!  It has added a bit of a facelift to my bathroom.  We already had the strange collection of colorful towels.  I just didn't realize this little quilt would pull the chaos together!


Vivien Zepf said...

Lovely quilt and perfect for the space!

Kathy York said...

Thanks Vivien!

Deborah Boschert said...

Gorgeous! Amazing what you can do with leftovers!

Kathy York said...

Thanks Deborah! Wish I could do the same with food!

Stacy Hurt said...


Sandy said...

You've inspired me to make a colorful quilt for my master bathroom!

Kathy York said...

Yes! Go for it!