Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Park Place

Park Place
update (original post, here)

I have finally finished sewing on all the little people.  I had intended to have them tucked away inside their homes.  However, after making the movie, I changed my mind.  I liked how the quilt looked with the people on the garden and lawns, so I added some small details.  Here is the overall...
Then I wanted someone to walk a dog near the trees, but they don't make worry dolls in dogs... So, I improvised.  This is my version of a dog.  It could be a yellow lab?  However, it sometimes looks like a cat to me.  I couldn't decide to add a leash or let it roam freely.  Guess which one won?
Next, one of my favorite sections of the video is the two children flying a kite on the roof, so I added that back in.
I love the way the swing suggests movement.  Fun!
And there are more, but I decided not to post all the details.  Save some surprises for seeing it in person!
Hope you have enjoyed!  Thanks for stopping by.
If you haven't seen the movie yet, here it is again....(Update, for some unknown blogger reason, it won't play my video anymore, sorry about that!)

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Diane Doran said...

Love the video - very clever! I especially liked the kite part too.