Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fresh Plus

Fresh Plus
35.5"x 34.75"

I have completely fallen for the Modern Quilt movement.  The fresh lines, contemporary designs, and great colors appeal to me.  So, I am trying my hand at a few.

I made these batik window blocks earlier...These have just been overdyed for a second time and still have the wax on them.  I am rinsing them on the line outside, and letting them dry before bringing them inside to boil off the wax. 
and finally paired them up with some white sashing and a bit of pieced orange sashing to create the orange plus motif.  Then finished it off with some hand quilting in the upper right corner.  I love the offset nature of the big blocks, and the organic feel of the batik.


maryandpatch.blogspot.com said...

Kathy, your small cross quilt is absolutely wonderful! So well balanced, happy and interesting! Congratulations! I discover your blog today, and I'm delighted! I love your colorful quilts!

Kathy York said...

Thank you! I love your work too! I just visited your blog and realized that I had seen your work before, and LOVED it! thanks for your photo inspirations, just lovely!

Sheila Frampton-Cooper said...

Beautiful work Kathy, and this is one of my very favorite color combinations. I missed seeing you in Houston and I will be trying very hard to get to Austin in Feb. :)

Kathy York said...

Thanks! I missed seeing you too! Hope you make it to Austin!

Susan Lenz said...

Love your fabrics, your photography, and especially all of your recent art quilt posts. Love the art boxes too! Fantastic work and so brightly beautiful.

Kathy York said...

Thanks Susan! Always nice to hear!

Unknown said...
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Vivien Zepf said...

Excellent, Kathy! The quilt's wonderful!