Monday, August 13, 2012

Capital of Texas QuiltFest

SAQA Studio Art Quilt Association
Annual Fund Raising Auction
Starting September 10, 2012, you can place a bid on individual quilts.  There are so many quilts, they have been divided into 3 groups, with an additional set going to the International Quilt Festival.  Each week a different group is offered.  See the details and dates of the reverse auction here

Meanwhile, the organizers invited the participants to pick their favorites and make a small virtual collection out of them.  I found it to be so fun, I made 10 collections (so far!).  And while making the little dream collections I found out a little about choices that affect curators and jurors.  Sometimes it is not about the quality of the piece that is rejected, but more about how it looks with others.

In making my collections I found myself drawn to pieces that I didn't notice at first.  However, when put into a collection the individual quilts, they weave a story together that they can't tell alone.  It fascinated me!  Especially because the works were made by individuals working alone.  And serendipitously come together with works by others.  It's the individual vs. the collective whole.  Magical!  I highly encourage you to look through all the offerings and find your favorite or favorites.  Many, many outstanding works of art this year!

Forest Stories
What the Blue Eye Saw
Super Lovely
A Bit of Black
Blue Calm
Aqua Abstractions
In the Field
Abstract Journeys
Stories not Forgotten
Footnote:  There is a certain amount of regret in posting these, because in doing so, there are many others that weren't posted.  It gives me a whole new frame of reference when my quilts are rejected from a show.  And believe me, I do get a lot of rejections.  I think I have learned from this experience, that it is not always a bad thing if my work doesn't "play well with others".  It just means that it is an original voice and meant to stand alone. 

And no matter how much success I have, the rejections always sting a bit.  It is the one saving grace of blogging.  If I make some art, and it does not get juried into a show, I know it will at least have some audience with my readers and not be completely unseen.  So, thanks to you, my readers, for stopping by!


Fannie said...

Hi, Kathy. Thanks for sharing your SAQA collections and insights. I imagine that process must have been an education. Rejection will always sting, I understand. Know that I am a fan of your work, and each time you feel that inescapable sting, think of me and your friends and fans who enjoy your work. ♥♫♥ Keep inspiring us all. ♥♫♥

Sue Dennis said...

What great sets of quilts you've put together. i really enjoyed seeing them all in this format.

Kathy York said...

Thanks Fannie and Sue! Nice to hear from you both! Thanks for your support!

Mary Pal said...

You created such great collections, I want to have them all! Thanks for posting these. And especially, thanks for the great reminder of why our work may be rejected from shows, as of course this always ushers in the horrible monster, Self-doubt.

Vivien Zepf said...

I really loved the collections you assembled, but I also love (and will think of often) the reminder that sometimes a quilt isn't selected to be part of a group for aesthetic reasons, not quality or voice.