Thursday, July 26, 2012

Excitement in the Air!!

Excitement in the Air!!
Tomorrow the International Quilt Festival opens in Long Beach, CA for 3 days.  I have a new piece making it's debut there and it is a bit of a sentimental piece for me, Morning Commute with Sweet Jane (here, and here).  It is in the exhibit called Rituals curated by Dinner @ 8 artists, Jamie Fingal and Leslie Jenison.  It is sponsored this year by Moore's Sewing Centers. And even though I will not be able to attend the new opening of the show, it will travel to Houston this fall, and I can not wait to see it!!

Additionally the book, which has all the quilts in it, is available for purchase now.  You can click on the photo on the sidebar.  A preview is also available. I just LOVE the cover showing slices of a number of quilts.

Also in Long Beach, I will have a quilt in Tactile Architecture, Central Park, and a group piece called Artists' Village, an amazing collection of 3D fiber houses made by an incredibly talented group of artists!! It is fun!
Flower Garden close up of French knots
Artist Village
Next on the list, I have had some recent publicity, which is always good for the ego!  In the International Quilt Festival Houston Class Catalgue, there is a picture of my quilt, A Few of My Favorite Things, used to promote the exhibit of Lone Stars III book.  Awesome!  It's on page 48!

And, last, our new collaboration to sell small works of art in groupings of 8 or 4 is almost sold out!! I am so happy that this has been so successful so quickly!  New works are in the making to restock our offerings!
Check it out!  Art Box csa (community supported artists)!  or you can click on the link in the sidebar too!!
Art Box csa

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