Sunday, June 17, 2012

Organizing Threads

Organizing Threads
I have a simple system of organizing my embroidery floss.  One box (the blue one) has the cool colors and one box (the yellow one) has the warm colors.  The only problem is is not working very well.

It is not impossible to get what I need.  I can sift through and pull out a wad or skein of color I need for a project.  I put a piece of fabric on the arm of my couch and lay out the thread, thimbles, scissors, etc.  When the cats are annoying (when aren't they??), I fold the excess fabric over the threads and then the cats will not leave their fur on my threads, or steal the threads and take them all over house playing, "chase the mousie". 
In this case I used a large range of colors, and so it looks pretty.  I honestly wish I were more organized so that the task of looking for what I need would be easier.  Then I saw Laura Wasilowski's post and realized that it IS possible.  And if you follow the link, you will get the added bonus of seeing Laura and Frieda playing with thread on their heads!  :)  It is however, unlikely that I will organize the big mess in my two box system.  I might however, start using their method for the new skeins that I purchase.  The seed has been planted...  :)


HollyM said...

I did go and check out their system. What a great idea! Mine is only marginally better. Some are stored in bags by color, still amess though. And some I have wound around those plastic bobbins.

Man for all seasons said...

The easiest way I have ever found to store skeins which are in use is to loop-knot them over an ordinary coat-hanger and cut the far end. That way you can keep them in a neat row, pull out lengths as you need them, carry the project around and even pack them for a holiday. If you have tons of thread, you can easily have a blue hanger, a green hanger etc.

Kathy York said...

Brilliant! Thank you!