Saturday, June 04, 2011

Very Interesting!

Very Interesting!

Our tale begins when all these blocks were first clamped and soaked in bleach discharge solution.  This left the centers of the blocks very pale.  Then after thorough rinsing and drying, I used the same plastic templates clamped to these blocks and dyed them ALL in the same dyebath, which I thought was fairly dilute.  Although it may not be entirely obvious in the first photo, hopefully you can see in the second one that I got a lot of variations of value in the dye.  I think these commercial fabrics all accept dye differently.  Some will soak up the dye in a rich and intense flavor.  Others are rather off-put by being soaked in dye and avoid it at all costs....thus turning a lovely pale and relaxing shade.  Regardless, I LOVE it all!  I am especially fond of scrappy looking quilts.  The more shades the better!  And the fact that I got it all without trying!!  Serendipity!

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Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Kathy, this is such a yummy quilt, and it is one that I will want to take a close look at. It is very special. I think Jane will love it her entire life. What a special, unique quilt!